0.6 Beta - testing

Justin justin.obara at utoronto.ca
Thu Oct 30 12:46:30 UTC 2008


Today is testing day for the 0.6 Beta.

If you have time to help out with the testing, it would be greatly  

For information about testing tasks please see the current needs page:

The tasks that are not yet being worked on by  anyone will be in the  
"Tasks: QA Testing Unassigned Medium Priority" and the "Tasks: QA  
Testing Unassigned Low Priority" task lists.

As you decide to work on them please refresh your page and then cut  
and paste the ones you want to work on, into your own task list.  
Please delete it from the the old task list, as you go, by clicking on  
the "(del)" link at the end of the task name.

Click the "X" in front of the task name to indicate that it has been  

If you do not have a task list for yourself, please let me know and  
I'll create one for you.

For information about the test plans, please look at the Testing Fluid  
Components page:

The information about reporting bugs is also located on this page.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions/comments.

Thank you for your help

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