Uploader 2: So close

Colin Clark colin.clark at utoronto.ca
Thu Oct 30 01:03:59 UTC 2008

Hey everyone,

As you've no doubt seen from the commit logs, Eli and I have been  
having a little code sprint for the past several days on Uploader 2.  
Our goal was to get a sneak peek of the new implementation into  
Friday's Infusion 0.6 beta release, and then continue to expand and  
refine it in time for 0.6 final next month.

Ensuring that this code is production-worthy, flexible, and well- 
factored have been foremost on our minds for Uploader 2 moving  
forward. We intend to fix the Flash 10 bug, implement a Google Gears- 
based option as an alternative to Flash, and support graceful  
degradation and more flexible markup. Erin and Daphne are als\o  
continuing to refine the interaction designs based on feedback from  
user tests.

Eli and I were really close to shipping for 0.6 beta, but we felt that  
we wouldn't have enough time to properly respond to the issues that  
will inevitably arise during Justin's QA testing over the next couple  
of days. Given this, we're going to hold off on Uploader 2 for the 0.6  
beta, and will continue to push forward over the next couple of weeks,  
ensuring that Justin has had lots of time to hammer away on it before  
the final.

We're going to move Uploader 2 out of trunk and into a branch for code  
freeze, but we'd still love to have you try it and and share your  
early feedback. Following the release of the beta, we'll also be  
looking for people to help us test the SWF and Gears flavours of  
Uploader 2 in various production scenarios.


Colin Clark
Technical Lead, Fluid Project
Adaptive Technology Resource Centre, University of Toronto

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