Uploader requirements

Jacob Farber jacob.farber at gmail.com
Tue Oct 28 14:41:39 UTC 2008

Hi Colin & Eli,Currently, the existing Uploader API docs list 25 different
selectors that are required. I'm not sure if this holds true for Uploader 2,
but if it does is there any way we could isolate what is absolutely required
(e.g. a browse and  upload button) versus whats just nice to have
(e.g. txtTotalFiles and txtTotalBytes), and if you don't include the
niceties you simply don't get them? This way, people could build different
levels of uploader functionality and experiences, as opposed to a single
elaborate one.
Just a thought.

Jacob Farber
University of Toronto - ATRC
Tel: (416) 946-3002
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