Call for Proposals: JA-SIG Spring Conference "Higher Education Open Source Communities - Working Together"

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Fri Oct 24 00:02:46 UTC 2008

*Higher Education Open Source Communities - Working Together*
March 1-4, 2009
Dallas, Texas, USA

*Call for Proposals now open*
Deadline for submission of proposals for half or full day seminars: 
November 5, 2008
Deadline for submission of proposals for regular one hour sessions: 
December 1, 2008

Conference site:

Dear Colleague:

The JA-SIG Conference Planning Committee is pleased to announce the 
Spring 2009 Conference to be held March 1-4 in Dallas, Texas. 

Following the great success of last year's conference, we are partnering 
with our open source community colleagues to create a forum for 
collaboration and learning.  Join your colleagues from Bedework, CAS, 
DSpace, Fedora, Fluid, Internet2, Kuali, Sakai, uPortal and other open 
source projects, and submit proposals for a pre-conference seminar, 
presentation, kiosk, BOF or poster session!

We welcome your contributions in the following areas:

    * *Community Source Management/Governance*
      What are best practices for managing community source projects or
      their deployments on campus? For encouraging adoption? For gaining
      acceptance and campus buy-in? For engaging your community in the
      processes? Presentations for managers, team leaders, executives,
      planners and strategists.
    * *Design and Development*
      For developers, architects, UX designers, testers. Presentations
      for people who build community source products, use them as a
      development framework or want to learn more about doing so. These
      are technical topics, tips and techniques, how-to's.
    * *Deployment and Integration*
      Presentations for people who need to make applications work on
      campus: developers, content providers, team leaders, evangelists.
      In particular, we would like to highlight work that integrates
      community source projects within the enterprise infrastructure and
      with each other.
    * *Multiple Audiences* 
      Presentations that span multiple projects or audience types.
      Community source project introductions and overviews.

Half-day Supplementary Seminars will be held in the morning and 
afternoon on Sunday, March 1st as well as on Wednesday (March 4th) 

Proposals may be entered on the JA-SIG Conference Website. Proposals 
require a Title, an Abstract (under 500 words), a Presenter Profile, and 
some basic affiliation information.  This year we are also asking 
proposal submitters to select tags that best describe their proposals 
from a list of recommended tags <>.

Submit your proposal directly at or from 
the conference home page, where you can find all the details:  (Click the "Call 
for Proposals" link on the left).

We look forward to seeing you at "Higher Education Open Source 
Communities - Working Together"!

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