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FYI, I wanted to make sure you got this and were added to the new
distribution list. Others may want to look at the audio/video synch
message if you are having an issue with this.

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As we announced previously, we have successfully upgraded Macromedia
Breeze to Adobe Connect Pro 7 for the start of classes and we are
continuously working to provide a better and improved service to our
Connect users. 

We are writing to update you on: 
- Mailing list address change 
- Service maintenance outage 
- Audio and Video synchronization issue in Connect meeting 

Mailing list address change 
As a part of the service change from Breeze to Connect Pro 7, we have
updated our mailing list address to Connect-L. This list will be used for
us to continue our communication with the community about upgrades,
maintenance and service changes. 

To unsubscribe from this Connect Announcement list, please send an email
to: [ mailto:listserv at yorku.ca ]listserv at yorku.ca with the following in
the message body: unsubscribe connect-l 

Service maintenance outage 
On Thursday October 23rd, there will be an outage of the Connect service
from 6 AM to 7 AM during which time: 
- Security patches will be applied to the server 
- Settings of Anti-Virus software on the server will be re-configured to
address the issue of Meeting Recording that some of you have reported.
Problems reported includes; hit and miss of meeting recordings, inability
to playback recorded meeting(s) after the upgrade, incomplete recording of
video appearance of participants. 

Audio and Video synchronization issue in Connect meetings 
Some users have been experiencing synchronization issue between audio and
video in Connect Meetings. Adobe has provided us a temporary workaround to
address this issue while they are working on a fix that will be available
in the next service pack update.  Here are the instructions you need to
provide to your meeting participants (Windows users only) if they are
experiencing this problem. Also, advise them to install the latest version
of the Acrobat Connect Add-in at [

In the meeting, 
- Click on Meeting menu on the top, Manage My Meetings and select Audio
Setup Wizard. Audio Setup Wizard window will appear. 
- Click Next button 4 times to get to Step 5 screen, keeping the default
settings in Step 1 through 4. 
- In Step 5 screen, click Advanced Settings
 button. Advanced Audio
Settings window appears. 
- Uncheck Use Enhanced Audio option and click OK button. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at [
mailto:fsc at yorku.ca ]fsc at yorku.ca 


Faculty Support Centre
Computing and Network Services
1050 TEL Building
York University
[ mailto:fsc at yorku.ca ]fsc at yorku.ca
[ http://www.fsc.yorku.ca ]http://www.fsc.yorku.ca

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