Reorderer + Inline edit problem

nicolaas.matthijs at nicolaas.matthijs at
Fri Oct 17 15:53:32 UTC 2008


In my website, I have a portal/dashboard page, which is based on the Fluid
reorderer. This is working fine and smoothly. Although I do seem to see
a problem now when I use the Fluid inline edit in one of my portlets. I can
get my text I want to edit from normal/text mode into edit mode, but if I then
click somewhere else inside my portlet or click on any other portlet, it
doesn't switch back to normal/text mode. It only switches back to normal/text
mode if I click outside of any of the portlets.

I have done some minor investigation, so this might be completely wrong,
but it looks like the portlets are preventing the document.mousedown function
from executing when you click on one. And I can only see a switch from edit
mode to text mode when that function is being executed (so a click on the
rest of the page).

Any idea how I can make this work ... ?



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