RASCAL and ftp/http

Ron Owston ROwston at edu.yorku.ca
Fri Oct 10 15:01:56 UTC 2008

Hi Peter,
The arguments that you and Colin put forth for using http instead of ftp
for the RASCAL backend make sense. However at this point I am interested
in having a working prototype of VULab so that the community can get a
better sense of what we are trying to do with the application. Secondly we
don't really know if the local screen capture approach we are taking with
RASCAL is one that is practical so we need to test the concept before
investing much more time in it. (Recall that we have another different
option proposed by my colleague Tuan for using a thin client and doing the
recording on the server.) Therefore, I would like to propose that we keep
the ftp approach so that we will have a working application that we can
try out now. If you don't want to run ftp on the York server, then I
suppose we can keep it on the test server and run the web component on the
York server. David is planning the architecture now for the http approach
and will share this with the community before he begins any development.
Do you see any problems with what I'm proposing?

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