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Daphne Ogle daphne at
Thu Oct 9 17:34:43 UTC 2008

Hi all,

I think most of you have heard already that we identified some areas  
for improvement during a test run of the user test yesterday.  Eli is  
making adjustments to the demo this morning and I'll run another test  
this afternoon.  The changes in a nutshell are:

-  Fixing a bug to make the message about links not working because  
this is a demo overlay stronger.  Currently it is fading into the  
-  Removing the 'Edit details' link.   It is the thing that pops and  
grabs the users attention.  Once they click it and get the message  
about links not working for the purpose of the demo,  it starts the  
test off a little weird.  Since we want to know about discoverability  
of the inline edit rather than the context (Section Info) we've  
decided to remove the distracting link.  I'll be paying close  
attention to this in the test run.
-  Text instead of the icons for undo and redo.  None of us are happy  
with the current icons and we were using them as place holders (redo  
is actually very similar to the refresh icon on Firefox which is a  
misleading).  It's easy to get user feedback about an icon by putting  
pictures in front of them and asking them what they mean or asking  
them to draw a picture of the concept we are shooting for.  We can do  
that later.  For now, we want to understand how the interaction of the  
undo and redo work for users and using text will allow us to focus on  
that (rather than getting it mixed up with feedback about the choice  
in icon).
-  The rollover highlight will be a bit stronger.
-  Rollover text will appear in 1 second (based on some user testing  
done at Netflix with their rollovers & the fact that rollover text  
never appeared yesterday) and the text will refer to the Section Title  
to be more specific.

Any questions, concerns, comments, please let me know.  I'll keep you  
all posted about this afternoon's test run.

Daphne Ogle
Senior Interaction Designer
University of California, Berkeley
Educational Technology Services
daphne at
cell (510)847-0308

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