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Justin justin.obara at
Mon Oct 6 19:23:01 UTC 2008

Thanks Gonzalo,

I actually just got those two suggestions.

What seems to have been the problem is that the padding was defined  
for the cell instead of the height. This has been changed. There was  
also an issue with the border and this has been addressed too.

I'm going through all of them now to try to update them so they appear  
correctly. Hopefully this will fix it.


On 6-Oct-08, at 3:02 PM, Gonzalo Silverio wrote:

> I see it as well (IE6 and 7). A specific cell height in the css or  
> some
> content inside  it (non breaking space, info text the same color as  
> the
> background)  will display the background color full height.
>    -Gonzalo
> On 10/6/08 2:16 PM, "Herb Wideman" <herb at> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Those of you who were on the last monthly call may remember I  
>> suggested
>> making the coloured progress indicator bars taller - and probably
>> wondered why! Justin sent me a screen shot of how it should appear  
>> and
>> it turns out the bar display  I was seeing was (and still is) being
>> corrupted somehow.  If you have a moment could you check the progress
>> indicator page
>> entProgressIndicator-Pager
>> using IE 7, for the following:
>> - the colored rectangles in the actual progress indicator bars,  
>> instead
>> of having the approximately 14 point height seen in the bar colour
>> legend,  show up as only 1-2 points high making the colour hard to
>> determine. Justin is not seeing this issue himself - the coloured
>> indicator bars are for him the full 14 points high. We would  
>> appreciate
>> knowing if anyone else encounters the same issue in IE.
>> Thanks,
>> Herb
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