Component progress page bug swat

Herb Wideman herb at
Mon Oct 6 18:16:38 UTC 2008


Those of you who were on the last monthly call may remember I suggested 
making the coloured progress indicator bars taller - and probably 
wondered why! Justin sent me a screen shot of how it should appear and 
it turns out the bar display  I was seeing was (and still is) being 
corrupted somehow.  If you have a moment could you check the progress 
indicator page
 using IE 7, for the following:
- the colored rectangles in the actual progress indicator bars, instead 
of having the approximately 14 point height seen in the bar colour 
legend,  show up as only 1-2 points high making the colour hard to 
determine. Justin is not seeing this issue himself - the coloured 
indicator bars are for him the full 14 points high. We would appreciate 
knowing if anyone else encounters the same issue in IE.



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