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From:		Ron Owston	Friday, October 03, 2008 10:06:22 PM
Subject:	Re: Open VULab
To:		Wolmet Barendregt <wolmet at ituniv.se>

Dear Wolmet,
Thank you for your interest in our application. It is now being developed
as an open source tool with support from the Andrew Mellon Foundation. We
are very near to having a working version for you to try, possibly within
the next few weeks. You can follow our developments at
Also please feel free to get in touch with me in several weeks for an
Regards, Ron
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and University Professor of Education
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Wolmet Barendregt <wolmet at ituniv.se> on Friday, October 03, 2008 at 6:04
AM -0400 wrote:
>Dear Prof. Owston,
>I just read your article 'Unpacking the potential of educational gaming: 
>A new tool for gaming research'  and found it very interesting. I am a 
>postdoc reseacher at IT University Göteborg, Sweden and I am working on 
>a project about serious games. I am currently planning a study of an 
>online serious game for learning English. The game is currently 
>commercially available (www.helloyougame.nl) but I would like to test 
>the game in a school situation. I am therefore very interested in the 
>VULab application. However, it appears that VULab is not available yet. 
>Do you know when a working version is expected to be available to other 
>researchers, or whether it would possible to get a testing version of 
>the application?
>Kind regards,
>Wolmet Barendregt Ph.D.
>Faculty of Applied IT, IT University, Göteborg, Sweden

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