Date Picker Show & Tell: Part I

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Fri Oct 3 18:42:28 UTC 2008

Hi Everyone,

Allison and I have been working on the first three phases of the  
design process for the Date Picker, and would like to share what we  
have so far. (the process is outlined here: http://

We first looked at how the date picker has been designed in various  
other web applications: 

We then looked at
- the existing requirements on Sakai Confluence and
- the results from our user research
to identify the design problem around date and time picking.

 From this, we summarized the problem and the users/contexts it  
affects in the problem statement:

Then we identified the pain points, to which we plan to pay special  
attention when we design.

Based on this, we discussed how best we can meet the users' needs and  
came up with the design goals for the Date Picker:

Then we determined a number of use cases where a date picker would be  

Our Personas represent the users users who'd use the Date Picker in  
one way or another:

We went into the current Sakai sites and collected the contexts of  
use - the places where the date picker is being used currently:

With Gonzalo's help, we were able to identify a set of more specific  
and detailed scenarios for date picking:

The work we've done so far has provided us with a good foundation for  
the upcoming design work. Next, we plan to work on polishing up the  
scenarios and creating storyboards based on them, coming up with the  
look and feel of the date picker, and creating a list of functional  

The Design Overview page summarizes all of this. :)

Stay tuned,
Erin & Allison
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