Naming TransformAble2

Jutta Treviranus jutta.treviranus at
Thu Oct 2 17:14:18 UTC 2008

Are there also some control transformations - personal preferences 
regarding keyboard navigation, size and spacing of input field or 
buttons (independent of the rest of the display) for people with 
imprecise pointing, etc.

If so I think we should not limit the name to 'display,' even if we 
are not enabling these transformations  in this round.


At 9:19 AM -0700 10/2/08, Gary Thompson wrote:
>For Infusion 0.6, we are planning on designing and building a fluid
>component that is the second generation of TransformAble.  For more
>information on the original TransformAble, see:
>The fluid component is inspired by the BBC display options interface,
>seen here:
>The basic idea is to allow users to set display preferences that
>transform the content and presentation to match their preferences.  It's
>effect is largely around color, font, spacing, and images, and has
>specific consideration for accessibility needs like high contrast and
>text magnification.
>I have been tasked with initial design and wanted to start some of the
>basic component wiki pages to capture thoughts and information on the
>new component.
>The question: what to name it?
>Might as well get that sorted out from the beginning, so we don't have
>to go back later and rename wiki pages and APIs.
>Potential names:
>Display Options (what the BBC calls it)
>Display Preferences
>Display Customizer
>Display Transformer (more than meets the eye?)
>Transformable Display
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