Naming TransformAble2

Gary Thompson gary at
Thu Oct 2 16:19:23 UTC 2008

For Infusion 0.6, we are planning on designing and building a fluid 
component that is the second generation of TransformAble.  For more 
information on the original TransformAble, see:

The fluid component is inspired by the BBC display options interface, 
seen here:

The basic idea is to allow users to set display preferences that 
transform the content and presentation to match their preferences.  It's 
effect is largely around color, font, spacing, and images, and has 
specific consideration for accessibility needs like high contrast and 
text magnification.

I have been tasked with initial design and wanted to start some of the 
basic component wiki pages to capture thoughts and information on the 
new component.

The question: what to name it?

Might as well get that sorted out from the beginning, so we don't have 
to go back later and rename wiki pages and APIs.

Potential names:

Display Options (what the BBC calls it)
Display Preferences
Display Customizer
Display Transformer (more than meets the eye?)
Transformable Display



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