Design and Development jiras

Justin justin.obara at
Fri Nov 14 18:41:02 UTC 2008


As per the standup conversation today, about how to filter against  
design and development related jiras, I did a quick look through Jira.

There are probably several ways to accomplish this, below is a list of  
a few options

1) Leave a tag in the title, description or comment field. I did this  
for the 0.5 bug parade. The problem with this is that if you  spell  
the tag wrong it won't work and it would have to be relatively unique  
so as to avoid false positives.

2) Create a new issue type for the design team. For example instead of  
filing tasks and sub-tasks they could file design-tasks and design-sub- 
tasks. The problem with this is that the initial conversion process  
may be difficult.

3) Create new components. A development and a design component, all  
jiras would have to have one of these attached. The problem here is  
that you would have to remember to mark it with the appropriate  
developer/design component plus the actual component it affects. Also  
I'm not sure this is an appropriate use of components.

I'm currently leaning towards option 2. I think it is a cleaner  
solution, won't add extra info to all of the jiras. Also, we will only  
need to update the design jiras, instead of both design and  
development ones.

Are there are any thoughts, suggestions, or recommendations for other  


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