Rich text inline editing

Steven Githens swgithen at
Wed Nov 12 15:30:11 UTC 2008

Colin Clark wrote:
> I chose to experiment with TinyMCE because it's a fair bit more  
> accessible than the others. I'm still not fully sold on it, but it  
> works nicely and is being used by others in the Sakai community at  
> this point. It's a good option until a really great rich text editor  
> comes along.
> I don't see why you couldn't easily plug FCKEditor in as an  
> alternative. We can walk you through the process if you're interested
I've been thinking about this too and wanted to vote+=1.  I know TinyMCE 
is better and being used in all the research for next generation Fluid 
and Sakai stuff, but I think we'll definately need it to not be super 
difficult to use this with other Rich Text Editors. ( I think a little 
difficult would be ok ;)    )

In addition to Lovemore, I know at least a few other groups that are 
doing this same thing manually and would probably love to use the Fluid 
one as soon as it's ready.  For any medium timeline deliverable that 
needs to get dropped into Sakai 2.5 or 2.6 and look like the rest of the 
system, there is a strong likelyhood it will need to be able to use FCK.

Also, I don't how easy it is to swap implementations across the system 
in Moodle (probably a bit easier than Sakai), but their default is 
typically HTMLArea, so I imagine they would need to the ability to use 
that too in order to match the rest of the system.

Mega cheers,

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