Styling Unknown Markup

michelle.dsouza at michelle.dsouza at
Mon Nov 10 20:12:14 UTC 2008

Hi Jacob,

Thanks for the comments - I've responded inline.

Quoting Jacob Farber <jacob.farber at>:

> Just to add another side note:perhaps it would be a little clearer if we
> showcased the results one feature at a time - the current images are a
> little jarring!

Perhaps I shouldn't have linked to the wiki page as it just confused  
the issue. That page wasn't meant to convey the issues but was a  
convenient place for people to see where we are currently given that  
we are still working in the sandbox. I'll move the UI Options work out  
of the sandbox on Wednesday when I'm back at work and the live  
examples on the build site will fill that need.

> On Mon, Nov 10, 2008 at 9:43 AM, Jacob Farber <jacob.farber at>wrote:
>> Are you sure all these images are up to date?
>> If I remember correctly, the "uPortal example with high contrast,
>> font-size 140%, Verdana, wide text spacing:" resulted in a very different
>> look. It should show the icons replaced with white blocks, and a consistent
>> high contrast appearance... I could be wrong.

Hmmm... that's what I uploaded and what I'm seeing. Is your page  
cached perhaps? What are you seeing?


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