Patch for FLUID-1772, FLUID-1773, and FLUID-1774

Colin Clark colin.clark at
Thu Nov 6 16:55:09 UTC 2008


Thanks for putting together a fix for these issues. Nice work!

I think your change to finish() is perfect.

I'm thinking we can simplify your change to updateModel() so that it  
doesn't constantly have to ask, "is the first time I'm being called?"

The reason we were calling updateModel() upon initialization of the  
component was because it seemed like there was shared logic any time a  
model value was getting set. Looking at it closer, though, I think  
there's really only a single line of truly shared behaviour:

	that.model.value = newValue;

As a result, I've whipped up a patch that I think expresses the change  
a bit more cleanly. Take a look and let me know if you think this is a  
good idea, or if I'm missing something important in your solution.  
I've attached the patch file to the relevant JIRA issue:


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On 5-Nov-08, at 7:17 PM, Eli Cochran wrote:

> Per the conversation in the channel today about Inline Edit, I have  
> created a patch for FLUID-1772, FLUID-1773, and FLUID-1774.
> I attached the patch to the JIRA for FLUID-1774, and have enclosed  
> it here.
> <FLUID-1772-74.patch>
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