Uploader 2 designs for 0.6 beta

Justin justin.obara at utoronto.ca
Mon Nov 3 18:00:55 UTC 2008


Here is an updated version of the Uploader test plan. Please feel free  
to review it.


On 3-Nov-08, at 9:34 AM, Justin wrote:

> Thanks Colin,
> I'm going to start adapting the current test plans to this site: http://build.fluidproject.org:8080/sakai-imagegallery2-web
> Thanks
> Justin
> On 3-Nov-08, at 9:03 AM, Colin Clark wrote:
>> Hey Justin,
>> On 3-Nov-08, at 8:50 AM, Justin wrote:
>>> That sounds like a good idea. I just had another question come to
>>> mind. Will the new version of uploader remain attached to a server
>>> back end? This will definitely  help with the testing, and place it
>>> in a real environment for anyone who wants to check it out. If this
>>> is the case, it may be helpful if there was a way to delete the
>>> uploaded files from the server, without having to rebuild the
>>> nightly build.
>> We will absolutely continue to maintain the server back end for
>> testing the Uploader. It's now set up as part of the daily build and
>> is connected to the latest code base. We'll probably want to extend
>> it to handle different Uploader configurations so that we can
>> perform a variety of realistic tests against it.
>> Here's the URL for the nightly Image Gallery 2 application, which is
>> our server test bed for Uploader:
>> http://build.fluidproject.org:8080/sakai-imagegallery2-web
>> At the moment, there's no way that I know of to delete uploaded
>> files. The database is dropped whenever the application is rebuilt.
>> Perhaps Ray has a few spare cycles to lend a hand with this feature?
>> Colin
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>> Colin Clark
>> Technical Lead, Fluid Project
>> Adaptive Technology Resource Centre, University of Toronto
>> http://fluidproject.org
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