Working VULab Demo

FatalRemedy fatalremedy at
Mon Nov 3 17:34:38 UTC 2008

Here is a working demo (also the development version) of openVULab!

I have created some basic information to get you started, and I am  
aware of many errors. Please focus your criticism on the workflow and  
the appearance of the system (Missing explanations, missing variables,  

Also, the survey tool itself will not be altered much as we will be  
using it out of the box as a "plugin"


Researcher Login:
Username: Researcher
password: researcher

Tester Login:
Username: Demo
password: demo


Feel free to attach a document to:
with your experience.

Note: That I am working on this url, so if the site goes down or  
throws a massive exception/error. Dont worry, just patient and refresh  

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