Uploader 2 designs for 0.6 beta

Justin justin.obara at utoronto.ca
Mon Nov 3 13:50:28 UTC 2008


That sounds like a good idea. I just had another question come to  
mind. Will the new version of uploader remain attached to a server  
back end? This will definitely  help with the testing, and place it in  
a real environment for anyone who wants to check it out. If this is  
the case, it may be helpful if there was a way to delete the uploaded  
files from the server, without having to rebuild the nightly build.

Also for the automated testing to work for uploader, we will likely  
have to extend the java application that is running the robot. I'm not  
sure if we will then call it directly in our code or have to modify  
doh.robot as well. It will require some investigation.


On 31-Oct-08, at 3:22 PM, Colin Clark wrote:

> Justin,
> On 31-Oct-08, at 12:32 PM, Justin wrote:
>> In regards to the test plan, I'm guessing that I should take  
>> uploader 1's test plan and modify it to work with the current  
>> version of uploader 2.  Then modify this version based on changes  
>> made due to user testing.
> I think it's reasonable to start with the test plan from Uploader 1.  
> Erin and Daphne can fill you in on the things we learn from the user  
> tests and you can adapt the plan accordingly.
>> If the user testing is going to be done in the early half of  
>> November, I may just wait to set up a test plan.
> Since we've simplified Uploader 2's UI to take out some of the  
> features that are still being debated, I think it's safe for you to  
> start adapting the current test plan now, and fill in new features  
> as they emerge from the design process.
> I'd love to see Uploader 2 become an early test bed for your  
> automated QA testing using the Robot. It should make testing some of  
> the more complex animations and styles easier, too. Hopefully we  
> will be able to control the OS dialog with it.
> What do you think?
> Colin
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