Finishing the Layout Customizer

Erin Yu erin.yu at
Tue May 13 21:29:51 UTC 2008

Here's the first draft for the keyboard interaction styling.

1. In terms of styling, I think the locked needs to be "flat-looking,  
not grabbable" (Gary's input) and the focus for keyboard navigation to  
be "selected, active looking"

2. I prefer the no-header for locked portlet, but if this isn't  
possible (because of the icons and menus that need to go in the  
header), then it may be better to make it look the same as the other  
portlets (as shown below, rather than introducing another colour).

I've been chatting with Gary about this, and to his point, it may not  
be all that important for users to realize that a porlet is locked  
(until they start dragging, at which point they'll get the warning  
msg). I agree with him, and user testing might clarify this.

Below shows the My Bookmarks portlet in focus (for keyboard-only  

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On 13-May-08, at 1:49 PM, Gary Thompson wrote:

> Work on the Layout Customizer needs to be completed in this  
> iteration to
> make the 0.3 release.
> Here's what I think is left:
> 1. Complete designs
> Drag and drop mockups are posted to:
> Erin has started work on the keyboard mockups.  I will work with her  
> to
> complete those in the next day or two.
> 2. Implement prototype
> It would be great to get a functional prototype on the uP3 release for
> user testing.  Do we have any indication when that will be  
> available?  I
> can offer theme/skin development work to help get the prototype ready.
> 3. User testing
> We have planned 10 user tests, currently 5 at Toronto and 5 at
> Berkeley.  I'd be glad to do some locally, it will just be friends and
> family rather than students.
> 4. Make updates
> Based on the user testing results.
> 5. Update design pattern.
> I have this on my list, and would like to wait to do it until after  
> the
> user testing in case that surfaces any final changes.  Allison - is  
> that
> work to be done in the Fluid wiki or on OSDPL?
> I'm not sure we have Jira issues for all the remaining tasks (the only
> ones I see in the current iteration spreadsheet are 560, 561, and 562
> relating to user testing.  Shall I create issues for the other work?
> Am I missing anything?
> Thanks,
> Gary
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