Slow Resources rendering time in 2-5-x

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Thu Mar 27 19:17:25 UTC 2008

Here is a dumb question, why are we using dojo and dom manipulation to build lots of menues, when perhapse pure css menus and static markup would work with all our target browsers ( inc ie6 AFAIK) ?

Or am I missing something about the behaviour of these menues or the set of target browsers.

As I said, its probably a dumb question, please shout if it is.


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On Thu, Mar 27, 2008 at 1:00 PM, Stephen Marquard
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> Hi all,
>  I haven't had any responses to this so am asking again.
>  Are the dojo/dijit buttons a dead-end or can they be improved?

I don't know, but perhaps a JS maven on the Fluid lists might have
some suggestions.  Colin or Eli?  Client-side caching of some sort?

>  Are other sites going into production with 2-5-x concerned about rendering time for Resources with large sets of files, or do most sites only put a few things in each Resources folder?

We're concerned.

>  Is anyone actively working on or supporting the current (2.5) Resources code, or is everyone on other projects or working on complete replacements?

The Resources code is being supported in maintenance mode, yes, but
it's fair to say that new development energy is oriented more toward
replacement tools and widgets.  I think we'd be ready to contribute to
working out a solution for this particular problem.

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