Support for "authoring" in Sakai

Jim Eng jimeng at
Wed Mar 26 16:26:30 UTC 2008

If you are working on a Sakai tool that supports users in  
"authoring", please reserve 60 to 90 minutes beginning at noon EDT  
Thursday, April 3, for a conversation on that subject.  We expect  
that it will be possible to connect through the web or by phone.  We  
are asking that you RSVP to me to receive connection information and  
phone numbers.  That's because we are a little concerned that the  
meeting may be too large for the usual web bridge, so we may have to  
make other arrangements for it.

Our hope is that this meeting might lead to more communication and  
collaboration across the various projects and teams working on tools  
that support authoring in Sakai.  "Authoring" includes user activity  
to compose "content".  That might be writing, revising, researching,  
organizing. The activity might be done online or off.  Several teams  
are involved in efforts to improve such capabilities within Sakai,  
and it's hard to believe we would not benefit from more communication  
about work already in progress as well as ideas about future work,  
work being done outside of Sakai, etc.

A Confluence space is being set up to capture discussion of this  
topic.  The Confluence space will be available within hours or (at  
most) a day or two.

In the meantime, please reply to me to get information about how to  
attend the meeting next week.  If several people at a location are  
planning to attend, it will help if you can share a connection.


Jim Eng
jimeng at

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