Design question: portlets drop target indicators?

Gary Thompson gary at
Mon Mar 24 22:34:51 UTC 2008


1) Open space in the bottom of a column should be a valid drop target.  
The drop target indicator should display underneath the last portlet in 
that column with the dropped content placed at the bottom of the 
column.  Non-column area is not a valid drop target (e.g., the gutter 
between columns).

2) When a column is empty, dragging into any part of the empty column 
should render the drop target indicator at the top of the empty column 
and the dropped content is placed at the top of the column.  Rendering 
of the drop target indicator is otherwise the same (color, shape, size, 

Does that answer your questions?


Anastasia Cheetham wrote:
> I'm hoping someone who worked on the uPortal portlet reorderer mockups  
> found at
> +Mockups
> has a moment to think about a couple of further questions:
> 1) If someone drags a portlet over top of the space around the  
> portlets (e.g. beside a portlet, or in the empty space toward the  
> bottom of a column), should they be able to drop the portlet? If so,  
> where should it land? Should it automatically go to the bottom of the  
> column? Currently, you can only drop a portlet if you are dwelling  
> right over an existing portlet:
> 2) It will happen that someone might drag all of the portlets out of a  
> column, and wish to drag something back into the empty column. In this  
> case, what should the drop target look like?

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