fluid-work Digest, Vol 13, Issue 31

Chris Hoffman christopher.a.hoffman at gmail.com
Mon Mar 24 16:32:44 UTC 2008

On Mon, 2008-03-24 at 12:00 -0400, fluid-work-request at fluidproject.org
        > From: Eli Cochran <eli at media.berkeley.edu>
        > Subject: Safari 3.1 changes keypress events
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        > I had trouble following all of this posting but I'm going to
        give it  
        > another read when I'm more awake:
        > http://ejohn.org/blog/keypress-in-safari-31/
        If I recall correctly, Safari is changing some of the codes
        returned to
        the keypress event when non-character printing keys are pressed
        arrows or delete). It turns out that this is a non-issue because
        should be using keydown events, rather than keypress events, for
        non-character printing keys anyway. Use keypress only when you
        need to
        know what the user has typed, e.g. into a text box.

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