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Daphne Ogle daphne at
Tue Mar 18 19:26:43 UTC 2008

Hi all,

As we are finishing up this round of contextual inquiries, it's time  
to turn to modeling what we've learned.  So far between UCB, U of T  
and York University we've met with 8 faculty, 2 TA/GSIs, 6 undergrad  
students, 2 grad students and 3 instructional designers/support  
staff.  Nice job team!  The CI team (Allison, Judy, Shaw-Han, Erin,  
Daphne) is going to kick-off modeling with virtual working meetings  
next week. We'll have video conferencing set up at Toronto and  
Berkeley (with a couple cameras at each location in rooms with lots of  
whiteboard and other unique ways to "bring us together" across the  
distance -- suggestions welcome!).

  The 2 main goals for the modeling are:

1) Sense making for the CI team of all the information we've gathered.
2) Digestible formats of our learning to share with the community.

During our working meeting, we'll start to identify patterns of  
behavior, needs, pain points, etc we've heard across users that will  
inform our component requirements.  We'll also revisit our current  
component roadmap and fill in the gaps (you'll notice toward the end  
of the project plan,, components  
are TBD).

The breakdown for this work is in the Fluid 0.3 UX Release Plan, 
  (the next level of granularity from the Project Plan) under user  

Meeting Schedule:
Monday, 3/24, (9:00 PST - noon PST)
- Persona Pattern exercise

Tuesday, 3/25, (9:00 PST - noon PST)
- Persona Pattern exercise cont'd

Wednesday, 3/26, (9:00 PST - noon PST)
- Rough draft personas identified in pattern exercise

Thursday, 3/27, (9:00 PST - noon PST)
- Use case identification (some of this will be done ahead of time -  
see pre-meeting work below)
- Identify complex activities we observed that make sense to activity  
diagram (some of this will be done ahead of time - see pre-meeting  
work below)

Monday, 3/31, (9:00 PST - 3:00 PST)
-  Affinity diagramming with use cases (identifying patterns and  
-  Mapping personas to use cases (who does it and how often)
-  Time permitting:  Create use case priority matrix (frequency &  
importance & current user pain)

Pre-meeting To Do List:
- Barbara & Shaw-Han - Identify and create activity diagrams from CIs  
only the 2 of you attended
- Everyone - Cull notes for current & potential use cases (pay close  
attention to pain points & time wasters) and write each on post-it  
notes.  Purple = current use case,  Blue = potential use cases we  
could help users with.  A technique for finding use cases that's  
worked well for me in the past is to print out and go through each of  
the notes highlighting or circling each use case.
- Toronto - mail the post-it notes to UCB to arrive by next Tuesday
- Barbara & Shaw-Han - create 2 page summaries for CIs only you 2  
attended as time permits
- All - have notes printed out and accessible, extra post-it notes,  
whiteboard markers and erasers for the working meetings starting Monday
- Allison - set up video conferencing at UCB
- Toronto - set up video conferencing at your end.

More modeling will be scheduled in the next few iterations with the  
goal of delivering these as part of the UX Toolkit, 
, in the 0.3 Fluid Release.

I think that's all for now.  Any questions, concerns, suggestions, let  
me know.

Daphne Ogle
Senior Interaction Designer
University of California, Berkeley
Educational Technology Services
daphne at
cell (510)847-0308

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