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Thanks Daphne.  Great suggestion to make a wiki page.  Here is the  
link for the page: 

On 11-Mar-08, at 1:50 PM, Daphne Ogle wrote:

> This is great guys!
> How about putting this on the wiki with the pager designs (or as a  
> child page)?
> Also, the terminology question (search vs find) points to a need  
> for some configuration I think.  For instance, in Sakai "find" is  
> the commonly used term and specified in the style guide so perhaps  
> it is the more appropriate term for consistency within that  
> application.
> On Mar 11, 2008, at 10:34 AM, Barbara Glover wrote:
>> Hi all
>> Gary and I did a heuristic walk through of Erin's excellent pager  
>> designs.  Below are our results.  Gary feel free to add comments I  
>> forgot.
>> cheers
>> Barbara
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>>> Date: March 10, 2008 3:38:26 PM EDT (CA)
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>>> Subject: Notes from UX heuristics - Pager
>>> Hi Gary
>>> Here's a summary of what we discussed and recommendations for  
>>> Erin on the Pager designs.  Please add in any comments I forget  
>>> to mention.
>>> Comments/Suggestions for Filtering:  (affect all the pager designs)
>>> - Not sure the color change under the headers indicating the a  
>>> filter has been applied is enough of a change to indicate this to  
>>> the user.  This may need something additional.
>>> - Find button --> Search button - Search is a more recognizable  
>>> term and used throughout the Internet
>>> - number of items per total number of items:  Having this at the  
>>> bottom right corner of table seemed less noticeable for user.  We  
>>> felt this should be moved above or near the Show # of items on  
>>> page drop-down, see this image idea:<pastedGraphic.tiff>
>>> - "Back to All" - we felt this was adding the wrong cues in that  
>>> the user might confuse it with the Back button on a browser.   
>>> When in fact this button take them out of their filtered list to  
>>> the original full list.
>>> Another idea is similar to what Google Mail does.  Under the  
>>> Search text box display the following:
>>> Filter: All, None, Name, Email, Role<pastedGraphic.tiff>
>>> ** Black one indicates the current filter in use.  Some Color  
>>> change would be needed here to indicate the current one being used
>>> For Pager design with most UCD properties:
>>> - a combination of design 1 and design 2<pastedGraphic.tiff>
>>> - where you have last, previous and next, last links as text over  
>>> showing the first 2 and last 2 page numbers.  The words place  
>>> less cognitive load on the user when processing where they are in  
>>> the pager.  Easier to get to the first or last page with less  
>>> thought involved.
>>> - Also we felt that the page numbers shown should be a few before  
>>> and a few numbers after the current page number.  Current page  
>>> number bolded.
>>> - Design 4 with the<pastedGraphic.tiff> where the user types in  
>>> the page number we felt was not as user friendly a design.  First  
>>> showing the page numbers instead of the input box is less  
>>> clicking for the user, and seeing visually the page numbers gives  
>>> a better sense of total scope.  Seeing the numbers helps the user  
>>> determine the scope in a more straight forward manner and less  
>>> abstractly than the input box.
>>> Slider:
>>> - We really felt the Slider was intuitive for users with  
>>> alphabetical data.
>>> - Including a filtering list for the various alphabetical  
>>> columns, would help the user select and know which filter is  
>>> currently applied and a quick way to change  
>>> filters.<pastedGraphic.tiff>
>>> - We also were thinking there might be a way to toggle between a  
>>> conventional pager<pastedGraphic.tiff>  and the slider  
>>> <pastedGraphic.tiff>
>>> - Default perhaps tot the conventional pager and have a link just  
>>> after the pager "search by alphabetical" or something that if the  
>>> user clicked, the slider control would replace the pager control.
>>> - this would obviously need user testing to see if even desirable  
>>> to users.
>>> thanks
>>> Barbara
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