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Colin Clark colin.clark at utoronto.ca
Fri Mar 7 18:53:35 UTC 2008


I asked our friend Nate Koetchley at Yahoo! about our concerns with  
Flash-based uploaders and HTTPS. Here's what his team had to say about  
the YUI Uploader as an example.

Hope this helps,


Begin forwarded message:
>> The only issue that I've seen come up with HTTPS had to do with the  
>> certificate path matching. Biao from APEX team encountered this,  
>> and here's what he had to say:
>> It seems that Flash upload works in FF over HTTPS with a regular  
>> purchased
>> certificate:
>> http://swfupload.org/forum/generaldiscussion/347
>> Someone suggested that we make sure "host name in the request  
>> matches the
>> host name in the cert with a fully qualified path".
>> http://swfupload.org/forum/generaldiscussion/117
>> I noticed our certs were attributed to  
>> "*.marketingsolutions.yahoo.com",
>> when the actual server was  
>> "ac4intcrtvui1.marketingsolutions.yahoo.com", so
>> I'm seeing if I can get that changed.
>> This bug report I found has comments that support both these  
>> theories:
>> http://bugs.adobe.com/jira/browse/SDK-13196
>> I haven't investigated this closely, but this is all I am aware of  
>> so far.
>> Of course there's still that cookie issue in Firefox that they need  
>> to be aware of, and proper crossdomain permissions as well.

Colin Clark
Technical Lead, Fluid Project
Adaptive Technology Resource Centre, University of Toronto

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