SWFUpload Word of warning

Ian Boston ieb at tfd.co.uk
Fri Mar 7 08:52:22 UTC 2008

Word of warning about SWFUpload.

I have been doing some tests on Sakai, and on OSX Firefox at least,  
it does not appear to use the browser http channel.

a) No cookies from the browser are coming through on the  
SWFConnection. (so the connection doesn't appear to be logged in to  
b) Firebug does not show it up on the network activity.

If this is true, and the case for all browsers SWFUpload will require  
that the security and proxy settings are transfered from the browser  
to SWFUpload before it will work in a secure environment.  
Transferring cookies is probably built in, but proxy settings may be  
harder. It may also have problems with client side SSO (eg Kerberos etc)

Has anyone else seen this behavior or had to do anything special to  
make it work with Sakai ?


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