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Colin Clark colin.clark at
Wed Mar 5 19:08:01 UTC 2008

Hi guys,

I'm re-directing this thread on-list so others can join in. Fluid is  
working on designs for a unified date/time picker. I apologize that we  
haven't done a better job of publicizing this work. Here are Erin Yu's  
in-progress designs:

Antranig will likely be helping her to implement this, but if you're  
interested in lending a hand, we'd love your help. We haven't yet  
settled a date widget to reuse. Antranig has had good luck with the  
YUI widget. The jQuery UI widget has potential. Both need significant  
accessibility work to be useful.

We've launched a new Mozilla Foundation-funded project to help improve  
accessibility in the jQuery community. There's a news article on the  
Fluid Project website and we've created a new jQuery-a11y forum as well:


On 5-Mar-08, at 12:21 PM, Noah Botimer wrote:

> Cool.  It seemed pretty good when I beat on it for a couple of  
> minutes.  I don't know what the keyboard/screen-reader accessibility  
> is like, but I bet it'd be easier (and better received) to fix it in  
> their component than build one from the ground up.
> Maybe we can use their basic structural model to make a time  
> picker...  A lot of the same kinds of formatting things apply, from  
> needing a single selection mode to a range, to the textual order/ 
> separators varying by locale (yyyy-mm-dd vs. mm/dd/yy || h:m vs.  
>, etc.).
> Any added thoughts, Colin?
> Thanks,
> -Noah
> On Mar 5, 2008, at 12:07 PM, Gonzalo Silverio wrote:
>> Looks good, Noah.
>> It does seem to do what is required and seems lighter than the Dojo  
>> one.  About the only thing I do not see and know is a requirement  
>> is a time pick component.
>>     -Gonzalo
>> On 3/5/08 11:20 AM, "Noah Botimer" <botimer at> wrote:
>>> Hi Gonzalo,
>>> In my travels, I spotted a conversation about dates and someone  
>>> mentioned the jQuery UI Date Picker.  Do you know if Sakai or  
>>> Fluid are aware of it?  It seems to have rich/easy localization  
>>> support, and we're already leaning on jQuery.  There are about 20  
>>> localizations already done, too.  It might be a nice fit, and it's  
>>> getting active development and visibility.
>>> Thanks,
>>> -Noah

Colin Clark
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