Inline Edit: changing focus cancels edit?

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Wed Jun 25 17:07:46 UTC 2008

Here is my view -

If there are no visible explicit controls for Save/Cancel for the individual
field, focusing away from the field should commit the edit and not cancel it.
If there are visible controls, it should be configurable whether focusing
away leaves the field editable, or commits the edit.

I think the important consideration is to not easily lose the user's work,
which would be very irritating - and to support the primary and natural
use of the widget which is to actually edit the text :)

Hitting <enter> in a field is actually already an overloaded operation - users
used to Web 1.0 expect this to cause a form submission rather than just a local
commitment. Perhaps we should support <Esc> as a keyboard-driven cancel
operation, or else provide a dedicated button, rather than have cancellation
to be the "default function"?


Quoting Michelle D'Souza <michelle.dsouza at>:

> To add to the question, when should a 'cancel' happen and when should
> a 'save' happen.
> On 25-Jun-08, at 11:40 AM, Anastasia Cheetham wrote:
> >
> > Hi, Allison and Daphne,
> >
> > I wanted to double-check one of the interactions on the inline editor,
> > to make sure we've got it right.
> >
> > The current interaction in question is this:
> >    The only way to save an edit is to press Enter.
> >
> > i.e. if you're editing a field and you move focus away from the field
> > by pressing Tab of clicking on something else, any changes to the
> > field are lost.
> >
> > You can experiment with this on
> >
> > or
> >
> >
> > So the question is: Is it correct that tabbing away or clicking
> > elsewhere causes changes to be lost?

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