Remove User Testing Project Plan page?

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Sat Jun 14 19:45:13 UTC 2008

I' going to push back on keeping old pages a bit.  If we make sure we  
capture what's important from the page elsewhere, in more relevant  
pages,  then we should just let it go.  The wiki is packed full of  
great information which can be challenging for users.  I think we  
should get rid of anything that is not relevant (perhaps we can create  
a place to keep archived pages outside of the wiki) as it just serves  
as noise for the user as they are trying to figure out what to pay  
attention to -- information overload is something we should constantly  
trying to protect users from.  I think there are times when older  
pages help tell the story of why and how we got to where are and  
that's a different situation.  Then I agree, let's keep them for  
institutional memory and just make them less prominent.  I believe in  
this case though we aren't losing anything by losing this page.

My 2 cents...


On Jun 13, 2008, at 4:35 PM, Allison Bloodworth wrote:

> I just changed the name of this page to "ARCHIVE - User Testing  
> Project Plan Proposal" and changed the first paragraph to say: This  
> is was DRAFT project plan to be used in UX team planning, but no  
> longer reflects the current plan.  Earlier tasks are more  
> defined and scoped than later ones.
> I generally like to keep older pages around as an archive, as once  
> you delete them the content is lost forever. I've done things like  
> rename pages or put them in "Archive" folders in order to let folks  
> know they are no longer current. Perhaps we should come up with a  
> standard convention to use on the wiki for this?
> Cheers,
> Allison
> On Jun 6, 2008, at 2:30 PM, Daphne Ogle wrote:
>> Seems fine to me.  It looks like this is a cross between what user
>> testing we were doing and what/how we'd like to do testing and  
>> present
>> results.  Perhaps we want to incorporate some of the content into our
>> user testing wiki templates if it's not already.  The one that pops
>> out is "top 10 issues summary".
>> In a conference all day today but happy to look at this more closely
>> next week if you'd like some help Gary.
>> -Daphne
>> On Jun 6, 2008, at 12:07 PM, Gary Thompson wrote:
>>> This page appears to be obsolete, both in dated content and that we
>>> are
>>> doing the planning via other means:
>>> *User Testing Project Plan*
>>> Is anyone opposed to having the page removed?
>>> Gary
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