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Thu Jun 12 20:06:29 UTC 2008

Ian and Eli (et al),

Dojo has a page, written by Becky Gibson, describing a11y design 
requirements for their designers and developers.  Its purpose is to 
provide tips for people who have little a11y knowledge, and to assure 
them that a11y issues are not overly difficult (although there is still 
work to be done).

The advice applies to the current discussion.  Specifically, there are 
tips regarding colour usage in the cases of colour blindness and high 
contrast mode.  A relevant quote:

> It tries to address color blindness issues where a person may not be 
> able to perceive certain colors. It does *not* mean you can not use 
> color!  However, ... there must be enough contrast between the colors 
> used for the difference to be apparent if the color itself can not be 
> seen.

It goes on to suggest how one can test quickly if one's colour scheme is 

For the complete story, see:

Also, the page references Gez Lemon's site on colour contrast that 
includes a table of example luminosity contrast ratios, where one can 
quickly see whether the contrast is sufficient, and a luminosity 
contrast ratio calculator, where you can enter a pair of colours and it 
will advise if the contrast is good or bad.

Gez Lemon's site:
Contrast ratio calculator:
Hope that helps.


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