Design walkthrough meeting on Thursday?

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Sun Jun 8 16:17:49 UTC 2008

Thanks for thinking of this. I'm very fond of the use of color to give  
users a sense of place and to help distinguish elements on the page.  
Your question gave me an opportunity to think about the use of color  
in my designs and to do a little research.

Erin probably thought about all of this as she was doing the Uploader  
design but I hadn't really mulled it over before.

The colors are, of course, completely customizable in your  
implementation, they are set via CSS.

However, I would still consider the colors "part of the design". If  
the colors were the *only* indicators or even the dominant indicators  
on the buttons, I would be concerned, but the buttons are clearly  
labeled. The use red and green simply reinforces the meaning of the  
buttons and helps separate them for visual targeting.

You'll see if you run the design through a color blind filter that the  
colors are still quite distinct from each other:;;l=0;j=1;;t=p

Although red and green colorblindness is a fairly prevalent disability  
(occurring in 4 to 8% of males depending on ethnic background), green  
and red are used very widely to indicate go and stop (and various  
other kinds of warning and caution) and following that convention in  
this way seems quite appropriate.

- Eli

On Jun 8, 2008, at 7:32 AM, Ian Boston wrote:

> A small point, I dont know if it is relevant, on the up loader.  (an
> this may have already been discussed)
> Is is ok to have "red" and "green" buttons for Upload and Cancel,
> great for full color users, but not so good for red green color blind
> users (generally males)
> I couldnt tell if the color scheme was part of the design or not. I  
> assume not ?
> Ian
> 2008/6/5 Colin Clark <colin.clark at>:
>> Hi everyone,
>> On 5-Jun-08, at 11:02 AM, Colin Clark wrote:
>>> Great, thanks for helping with the scheduling.  It looks like both
>>> times work for everyone. Let's go with the 9 am PDT time slot unless
>>> you guys would prefer something a bit later in the day.
>> Just a quick note to say how useful I found today's meeting. I  
>> learned
>> a lot about the new designs, and I think we're in good shape to break
>> down the work and start iterating on user stories.
>> For those of you who weren't at the meeting, here are some links to
>> the in-progress designs:
>> Inline Edit:
>> +Overview
>> Pager:
>> Uploader revisions:
>> Daphne and Jess are working on getting the component design pages  
>> into
>> a more common format along the lines of the Inline Edit Design
>> Overview page, which will be great.
>> Colin
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