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Wed Jun 4 16:49:06 UTC 2008

Adobe rolled out a new online product this last week called, basically a roll-up of a number of products that they  
have been running in various release and beta versions for a while now.

The most useful for Fluid might be ConnectNow, which is a free, hosted  
version of Adobe Connect, aka Breeze. It only supports three users,  
but it has screen-sharing and a shared whiteboard. I can see this as a  
nice overflow for our current breeze room, or when we need features  
that our version of Breeze doesn't support, or doesn't support very  

The other feature/application in that is interesting to me  
is called BuzzWord. This is a Flash-based online word processor, with  
real time collaboration and commenting, and version control. Think  
GoogleDocs (just the word part) on steroids, or a shared white board  
for written documents.


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Eli Cochran
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ETS, UC Berkeley

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