reorderer QA testing.

Justin justin.obara at
Tue Jul 29 14:35:45 UTC 2008

Hello Herb,

Thank you for helping us with the testing.

The issue you are refering to is captured in Fluid-538 ( 

This talks about the drop target being displayed when not in a valid  
drop position.

You have touched on another issue though. Should you be able to drop  
the avatar in the whitespace and have it move to the end of the list?  
Currently the Layout Customizer behaves in such a way. (see 

On 29-Jul-08, at 10:05 AM, Herb Wideman wrote:

> Hi Justin,
> Per your request yesterday for more testing, I just ran through the  
> test protocols for the reorderer QA testing with XP/IE7; everything  
> passed, but I had one suggestion that I am reluctant to call an  
> issue for tracking purposes, even though it is not on your list of  
> reorderer bugs sent around yesterday, as it may be a design  
> decision:  When you drag an avatar even slightly beyond the edges of  
> the last/first item and let go it snaps back to the original  
> position. This doesn't feel "right" - you should be able to drop an  
> item into an empty slot at the end of the last row even without an  
> overlap. If for some reason this cannot be programmed or is not  
> desired, then the red vertical bar delineating the drop point should  
> disappear the moment your avatar movement exceeds "legal" borders  
> and goes out of bounds to let you know you are in an error state;  
> currently this does not happen so a user thinks the drop will work.
> Herb

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