RSF version 0.7.3 released!

Antranig Basman antranig at
Mon Jul 28 21:01:39 UTC 2008

I am pleased to announce that version 0.7.3 of RSF has now been released and is
available in repositories. The bulk of the work for this release has been on
bug fixes and consolidation, but there is a significant number of new features
(or newly working features!).
Some of these features are documented freshly on the wiki:

New in this release beyond the previous release of 0.7.3RC1 is support for
EntityBroker 1.3+ style "EntityView" requests, these can be seen working in
the updated test sample held at

RSF 0.7.3 is intended to become the "trunk version" of RSF apps within Sakai
shortly, and will be the shipping version accompanying the Sakai 2.6 release.
A further Sakai-directed improvement worth noting is
which removes the requirement for the concrete sakai-util.jar to be bundled
with RSF apps, this was causing a hazard with vendour-drop type deployments.

Also, in reflection of exciting industry developments reflecting a greater
focus on the client-side, a considerable portion of the work for this release
has been in porting not only the RSF renderer but also the beginnings of its
model binding idiom into pure Javascript. This work is increasingly being
done under the auspices of Fluid, and will form part of its official release
cycle starting with the Fluid 0.5 release. The current state of the client-side
renderer work is documented here:

With increase formality of development, the change set for this release is
best summarised as the set of JIRA tasks held at this filter:
, many of which issues are linked with new-style self-testing "micro-apps"
hosted within the test set for the core framework.

Trunk is now moving to RSF 0.8 (barring the possibility of backporting a
few critical fixes to an RSF 0.7.x branch) which will focus on ease of
use and comprehensibility. Amongst early tasks will be
  i) An "all-in-one" framework JAR
 ii) Use of standard Spring request and session scopes, as well as container
iii) Use of 1.5-level language features such as generics and annotations to
   reduce typing and improve locality and reliability
 iv) Context self-assembly, removing tedious and fragile assembly within web.xml.

At the same time work is continuing on the client-side aspect, harmonising
RSF's and Fluid's component set and solidifying the Fluid/RSF Renderer in 
preparation for its production-ready release as part of Fluid 0.7.


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