Results of the bug parade

Justin justin.obara at
Mon Jul 28 13:36:12 UTC 2008

Below are the results of the bug parade.

While some of the bugs escaped, the most important ones were squashed.


Fluid-1028: **CLOSED**
After deleting a file from the file queue, focus should be on the next  

Fluid-1027: **CLOSED**
First file in file queue should have focus, when file queue focused

Fluid-1024: **CLOSED**
Can't tab focus the file queue (not FF)

Fluid-1016: **CLOSED**
Can't tab focus the file queue unless scrollbar showing, using FF3

Fluid-1005: **CLOSED**
The arrow keys activate the file queue even if the file queue or an  
item with in is not focused

Fluid-1004: **CLOSED**
After removing file using the keyboard, one can no longer focus the  
file queue

Inline Edit:

Fluid-973:  **CLOSED**
Cannot open inline edit demo page, using IE


Fluid-774: **OPEN**
The Layout Customizer's avatar does not appear in Safari 3

Nested Reorderer:

Fluid-856: **OPEN**
Nested Reorderers: Moving an 'outer' orderable causes 'inner'  
Reorderer to be created a second time.

Fluid-911: **OPEN**
DnD of Portlet containing a nested reorderer, from right column to  
right column not working

Fluid-613: **OPEN**
Nested reorderers - keyboard movement in inner reorderer skips items

Keyboard Accessibility:

Fluid-872: **CLOSED**
keyboard navigation not working for uploader, using FF on Mac

Fluid-873: **CLOSED**
Tabbing through uploader breaks keyboard navigation, using IE6

Fluid-956: **CLOSED**
Can only tab to the "Add Files" button in the pop-up version of  
uploader on first tab cycle, using IE

Fluid-862: **OPEN**
Cannot use the keyboard to navigate away from the reorderable jQuery  
tabs, using ff

Unit Tests:

Fluid-832: **OPEN**

Fluid-912: **OPEN**

Fluid-959: **OPEN**

Fluid- 960: **OPEN**

Fluid-996: **CLOSED**

Fluid-998: **OPEN**

Fluid-1000: **OPEN**

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