Modal dialogs

Jim Eng jimeng at
Thu Jul 24 19:52:09 UTC 2008

I misspoke.  The jquery UI widgets are not part of the standard jquery  
package (a version of which is already included in the portal).   
They'd need to be added in, which means there would be some small  
additional overhead loading the portal.  Worthwhile?


Quoting Jim Eng <jimeng at>:

> Thanks, Noah.  We had a number of issues with simplemodal.  I think
> the jquery dialog may be better as a general purpose solution in sakai.
> If tools will still be in iframes for a while and if more than one or
> two tools need to use modal dialogs, it seems like we might want the
> portal to have the scripts and css that are needed to let tools
> overlay the entire window and have a modal dialog appear above the
> overlay.  But to do that, we'd need to agree on what we will be using
> throughout sakai and what specific files would need to be in the
> top-level document.  If the fluid widgets are included in the portal,
> we may get everything to support the jquery modal dialog there for free.
> A couple questions: is there overhead to having jquery (or support for
> some other modal dialog) in the top-level document, and (if so) is it
> worthwhile to do this?
> Jim

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