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Jess Mitchell jess at jessmitchell.com
Thu Jul 24 14:51:45 UTC 2008

Hey All,

Since we're working squarely in JIRA for this UX Iteration, and since  
I'll be mostly out of touch this week, I'd like to try to get us on  
the same page with respect to standardizing some of our JIRA work.   
Clarity in JIRA will help us have clear priorities for each iteration,  
it should make very clear what each team member is working on, it  
should serve as yet another means of communicating progress, and it  
should help us in the next iteration plan.  Please share your  
thoughts, etc.

Blockers are tasks that must be completed for a "deliverable" to make  
it into the next monthly release.  If the blockers are not completed  
the release will simply not feature that deliverable.  "Blocker"  
should only be used for those tasks that will indeed prevent a feature  
or deliverable from getting into a release.  Our top level of priority  
in JIRA is critical.

Shared tasks -- I'm open to better ways to represent these in JIRA.   
I'm concerned that a) the folks on the shared task have clarity about  
their involvement and b) each person on the task is caring for the  
JIRA entry.

Dependencies -- Allison sent out a great email about how to tag tasks  
as dependencies.  Please do this so we can keep track of what needs to  
happen before dependent tasks can be completed.

> go to the "Link this
> issue to another issue" link in the left nav for a particular issue.
> You can then say it depends on, is depended on, relates to, is
> superseded by, etc. another issue. For instance, I added a link saying
> this task: http://issues.fluidproject.org/browse/FLUID-373 is
> dependent on another task that must be completed first.

Task names -- As you can see in the present iteration http://issues.fluidproject.org/secure/IssueNavigator.jspa?mode=hide&requestId=10085
I have standardized on the naming of tasks (e.g. Component, User  
Testing, OSDPL, etc.)  This allows us to see groupings of activities  
in the iteration -- it is yet another way to slice the view.  Daphne  
and I are working further on naming as part of articulating the design  
workflow/process.  Please try to standardize naming when you add new  
tasks as best you can in lieu of us having a settled-upon vocabulary.   
We will have this worked out soon.

Task ownership -- If a task is assigned to you, you own it.  You  
should try to keep it up to date with your activities so others can  
see what is in progress, the time tasks are taking, etc.  I'd rather  
we erred on the side of over communicating details in JIRA for now.   
In Iteration planning, you should both close out your tasks and you  
should also take ownership of tasks that haven't been completed by  
changing the iteration tag.  I recommend putting the Iteration tag in  
a "comment" field -- it's quite easy to edit if you need to.  Typing  
"Iteration15" will automatically move your task to the Iteration15  
filter.  If you have any difficulty with this, please let me know.

Thanks for your patience and flexibility in trying new things as a way  
to communicate more clearly.


Jess Mitchell
Project Manager / Fluid Project
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