Inline Edit: Blanks -- initial, embedded, and trailing

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Tue Jul 22 14:05:03 UTC 2008

Hi Paul,

I've noticed this behaviour as well. It doesn't appear that this is  
part of the intended behaviour, so I filed them as bugs. (bugs listed  
at the bottom of message)

There has been some discussion about what to do with newline  
characters, whether to accept it or ignore it. I'm not sure if this  
should follow the same line of thought or not, as the user may have  
entered those spaces to adjust presentation.

As for the field not displaying the full line of text, I would assume  
this is a bug as well. The user should be able to see the whole line.  
That being said, maybe there should be a standard fixed length that  
the editable field displays, rather than adjusting to the length of  
text currently displayed. For now I'll file it as a bug.




- Justin

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> Date: July 21, 2008 8:05:39 PM GMT-04:00
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> Subject: Inline Edit: Blanks -- initial, embedded, and trailing
> I've been trying to get a feeling for how the Inline Edit demo  
> handles multiple blanks in text.
> If I edit a field containing:
>        |The value is close to X|
> and I change it to:
>        |The value is          X|
> then when I complete the edit, what  I see displayed is:
>        |The value is X|
> So it looks like multiple blanks get compressed out.  But have I  
> changed the value of the stored field or not?  It's hard to tell.
> When I go back and edit the field again, I see:
>        |The value is |
> This is a surprise.  What happened to the X?  If I scroll the field  
> over with the arrow key, I find that the blanks and the X are still  
> there, but hidden because the width of the box in which the string  
> is displayed is compressed textwidth.
> A couple of questions:
> Is the trimming and compressing of blanks part of the intended  
> behaviour of the component?
> Shouldn't the width of the edit box be the same as the editable text  
> width?
> Paul

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