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Allison Bloodworth abloodworth at
Tue Jul 22 00:33:38 UTC 2008

Hi all,

As we are all in the midst of wiki re-organization, I thought it might  
be a good idea to make a suggestion on how to create links to other  
wiki pages to help avoid broken links.

If you create a link that simply goes the the page name (e.g. in wiki  
markup: [Open Source Design Pattern Library]), then if the page name  
is changed, all incoming links to it will be automatically updated.  
However, if you've created a link like this [OS Design Pattern Library| 
Open Source Design Pattern LIbrary], which specifies a different name  
for the link, it will not be updated with the new name if the page  
name changes.

To avoid problems, in general on the wiki it's best to link to the  
page name directly (e.g. [Open Source Design Pattern Library]) so all  
incoming links are updated if the page name changes. Incidentally, you  
can see all the incoming & outgoing links to a page by clicking on  
"Info" in "Page Operations."


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