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Thanks much for your work on this Jonathan! I have a couple comments/ 
questions for folks about wiki re-organization in general.

1) I noticed that the front page of the wiki has changed so that the  
left nav is duplicated in the content area of the front page.  
Generally, in the spirit of simplicity, good use of space, and keeping  
a user's cognitive load low (e.g. I had to look at it for a minute to  
make sure that it was exactly the same thing as the left nav), it's  
not generally a good idea to duplicate information on a page. Is there  
a reason that we've done this? I feel like the content area of the  
front page of the wiki would be better used to do some "marketing" of  
Fluid (e.g. perhaps the "What is Fluid?" page).

2) We've noticed that many of the pages on the wiki have a "Table of  
Contents" section. It is usually created with a Confluence macro {toc}  
which points to headings on that particular page. We think this may be  
a bit confusing, as it's hard to tell if this is the "Table of  
Contents" for that particular page, or the Table of contents for the  
entire section of the wiki the user is in. I'd like to suggest  
following Paul's convention in the User Manual ( 
) and instead call these sections "On this Page." I just went through  
a lot of the wiki (and I think all of the User Experience section) and  
made these changes. (One other note: you can use {toc:minLevel=2} if  
all your headings start with H2's so that all the bullets are left- 


On Jun 24, 2008, at 8:06 AM, Jonathan Hung wrote:

> Hi everyone.
> Work is progressing steadily on the wiki reorganization. There have
> been many improvements and I invite you to check them out and give
> feedback. Keep in mind that the work is still in progress so treat it
> as such.
> The purpose of these changes is to make our Wiki more approachable to
> 3 groups of users:
> 1. the lurker - someone new and/or curious about the project
> 2. the collaborator - someone wishing to contribute to the project
> 3. the integrator - someone looking for information about how to
> integrate our components.
> (Coincidentally, these names would be appropriate for creatures in a
> sci-fi horror flick.)
> Keeping these users in mind, the following has been done...
> Added a Collaboration page -
> - a page to help connect the audience to the project.
> - missing: ways to contact directly with key people on the project.  
> (FLUID-814)
> Updated Components pages -
> - check out the individual components pages to see the new layout.
> - Where available there is a usable demo right inside the page.
> Modularized Fluid wiki demos
> - the Fluid demos on the wiki are now modular and can be plugged into
> any Wiki page without having to upload any code.
> - See the layout customizer page for an example:
> Weeding and planting
> - cleaned up titles and labels
> - consolidated/split content as necessary
> Still to do before Paris:
> - make task list / how to get involved more prominent. (FLUID 707,
> FLUID-771, FLUID-713)
> - clean up Main page (FLUID-816)
> - reorganize left-hand navigation sidebar (FLUID-763)
> If you have spare time before the Sakai conference and this Wiki
> reorganization is something that interests you, please email me and
> tackle on a task listed on this page:
> If some pages I encounter require action by people here in the
> community, I will create a new Jira task and assign it. So be warned!
> Thanks everyone.
> - Jonathan.
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