Inline Edit: Single line/multi-line?

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Mon Jul 14 18:33:20 UTC 2008

Yes, my response was going to be that it completely depends on the  
context.  I think we need to support: automatic wrapping of text,  
expanding to multi-line to keep within a restricted width and in some  
cases restriction to one line.  We probably want to say a bit about  
when the different configs are appropriate.

As far as defaults, can we specify based on the field type?  Using the  
iCal example, the title is a text field which usually indicates brief  
text and should probably default to 1 line restriction.  The  
description uses a text box typically used for longer text so perhaps  
an auto-wrap is a better default for it?   One of the evil behaviors  
we want to avoid is allowing the user to type when the text doesn't  
fit in the field/box so they can only see part of what they are typing.

This conversation makes me wonder about display while editing versus  
display once edited.  Does the component control both?

Are we in need for a conversation about this?  It seems like this is  
quite a complicated conversation to have asynchronously.


On Jul 11, 2008, at 9:46 AM, Anastasia Cheetham wrote:

> For people with easy access to a Mac: Joseph pointed out that iCal
> offers various different versions of 'inline edit' in the event
> editor. For example, the title of the event will not accept carriage
> returns (enter selects all the text) but the location field does
> (enter inserts a newline).
> From a user perspective, this interaction seems quite natural, which
> to me points to the need for implementor control over how the
> component behaves, since the implementor knows the context in which it
> is being used, and whether or not accepting carriage returns makes
> sense.
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