Next Monthly call Wed, August 6th -- a fuller update

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Thu Jul 10 14:41:08 UTC 2008

We had a quick July monthly call yesterday and I know many people are  
vacationing and traveling so, here is a quick summary of what happened:

New Staff Introductions (Toronto)
Justin Obara:  Justin is working on Q&A in general and on our releases  
(perhaps also lending a hand with user testing).  He's familiar to  
many of us because he has been a volunteer for Fluid and the project  
has already benefitted from his thoroughness and careful attention.   
Welcome Justin!

Jacob Farber:  We're excited to have Jacob here to help out with some  
of our development work.  He's brings with him an expertise in CSS and  
HTML, adding to our skill base.  We're jazzed to have Jacob aboard.

Paris wrap-up
I talked a little about the many presentations that FLUID folks gave  
and the questions we heard from the audience.  It seems our work on  
the wiki and our efforts to further clarify what Fluid is are paying  
off and people are interested anew in getting engaged.  We have plenty  
of further work to do in the area of simple clarification, but we've  
made great strides.  The FLUID presentations reflected the changing  
face of work the group is producing, showcasing a few beta components  
and showing with tech demos what's inside a component and just what  
they do.  It was an exciting week that has left us re-energized.

Framework work coming soon
Colin is taking a much-needed vacation and upon his return he'll start  
in on the Framework 
Framework that will be particularly timely and will help inform the  
work that he's doing in collaboration with Clayton Lewis on  
Transformable slated for 0.6.

Process changes
Incidentally, the work that Daphne and I are doing now to clarify and  
tighten the design processes will also prove a point of convergence  
with Clayton as we collaborate on moving through our how-to-build-a- 
Component workflow.  It's a work in progress, so we continue to  
tighten and refine how we iteratively work through component design  
and development, but we are making great progress.  We're thinking of  
ways to show the progress we're making on components so folks can a)  
get a clearer sense of our process (both design and development and  
overlap therein) and b) see how cooked the components are.  We've been  
doing a lot of process change work including working to get monthly  
releases out.  The team has been amazingly flexible and productive.

I imagine we'll "iterate" on a number of these items for the August  
Teleconference.  So, make the date and come join us:
August 6th, 4p BST, 11a EDT, 8a PDT.


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