Jaws reading across the page in IE

Michael S Elledge elledge at msu.edu
Wed Jul 9 20:12:05 UTC 2008

Hi Everyone--

JAWS by default reads across table columns, so this sounds like typical 
(and expected) behavior. There is no special table mode, unlike forms, 
in JAWS. You can, however, choose to read down a column using alt + ctrl 
+ down arrow. You can also identify the column and row headers for a 
particular cell within a table by pressing alt + ctrl + numlock 5.


Laurie McArthur wrote:
> Sorry, I was delayed replying since I wanted to check something out - but I
> haven't had the time yet...I'm was thinking about the Table mode (I may be
> making the term up... but there are Jaws commands for Tables)... pressing T
> to move from table cell to table cell (if my memory is accurate). Is there a
> live page I can try this on?
> It might also depend on the configuration of Jaws for reading tables,
> although this might be a stretch... 
> L.
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>> The page I'm looking at is a table with a single row. Each
>> 'td' in the row is a separate widget containing a title, information,
>> lists etc. When I listen in IE, Jaws is reading across the page so I
>> get the title of the widget in column 1 followed by the title of the
>> widget in column 2 etc. This is very confusing! In FireFox the entire
>> widget 1 is read before widget 2 which is *much* easier to understand
>> and makes a lot more sense. Does anyone have any experience with this?
>> Do I have Jaws in the wrong mode or something?
> Interesting... The only thing I can think of is the Virtual PC Cursor  
> mode, which can be toggled on and off. I'm still learning what that  
> means, but it is something you might want to try both ways, and see if  
> it makes any difference.
> To toggle, use INS+z - in response, you should hear a voice saying  
> whether you turned it on or off.
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