What are your "Current Needs" on Fluid?

Jonathan Hung jonathan.hung at utoronto.ca
Thu Jul 3 20:11:09 UTC 2008


I've added those items to the page. It would be great to get a few more
tasks there, perhaps something on the Design side? Hopefully once everyone
is settled from the Conference, this can be looked at.

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2008/7/2 Anastasia Cheetham <a.cheetham at utoronto.ca>:

> On 2-Jul-08, at 11:16 AM, Jonathan Hung wrote:
> Can you please suggest to me 3-5 needs volunteers can help with in the
>> Fluid project? I will compile a list and publish it to the Wiki.
>> I'm not sure which heading this would fit under - development?
> documentation review?
> It would be helpful for external javascript developers to review the API
> documentation, tutorials, etc. and use them to actually incorporate the
> components into something, and then give us feedback! Let us know where the
> documentation is lacking, let us know where the API is lacking.
> Regarding user testing or accessibility review: Having volunteers who use
> various assistive technologies (i.e. actual users, not developers who know
> how to use JAWS) try out the components and provide feedback would be
> helpful (in addition to more formal testing).
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