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Allison Bloodworth abloodworth at berkeley.edu
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This sounds like a good plan Anastasia. Thanks for the summary!


On Jun 25, 2008, at 9:13 AM, Anastasia Cheetham wrote:

> Based on the discussions I've seen on the "Inline Edit - clearing the
> field" thread, my conclusions are:
> 1) An empty field can contain some invitation text, such as "click
> here to edit." This should be pluggable, so that implementors can
> choose not to have any text.
> 2) This invitation text should be dimmed, or other wise different in
> appearance than 'normal' text.
> 3) If there is not invitation text and the field is left empty, it
> should have some minimum with so that the invitation highlight is more
> noticable.
> Separate issues not directly related to how to display an empty field:
> A) It might be nice to have an affordance for clearing a field
> B) Inline authoring
> C) Support for error on attempting to save an empty field
> If no one tells me that I've misunderstood, we'll start with the
> necessary changes for the numbered points above.
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