Running Multiple Firefox versions/profiles at the same time

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Thu Jul 3 14:13:49 UTC 2008

This may be useful for anyone who needs to run multiple versions and/ 
or profiles of Firefox at the same time.

Creating Profiles

You need to setup multiple profiles, one for each configuration/ 
version. Make sure there are no spaces in the profile name you create.

You can find out how to create profiles here:

Running Multiple versions/profiles at the same time

The profile manager will allow you to decide which profile to run when  
you start firefox, but as long as an instance of firefox is open, all  
new instances will use the same profile.

Below are two methods around this.

1)The link below shows the command line inputs to launch the instances  
of firefox:

2) If you don't want to have to type in a command every time, here is  
a method to add it to your shortcuts (only tried on windows xp).

	- create shortcuts pointing to the versions of firefox you want to  
run. you should have the same number of shortcuts as profiles.

	- right click on a shortcut and select 'properties'
	- select the 'shortcut' tab

	- in the 'Target' field add the following information at the  end: -P  
profile_name -no-remote  (replace profile_name with the desired  
profile you created earlier)

	- here is an example of how the 'Target' field might appear with the  
information added: "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe" -P  
Firefox_2 -no-remote

If anyone knows how to accomplish this, without the terminal, on Mac  
OS X, please let me know.

Thank You
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